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Why Natural Deodorants Cause Rashes and How to Keep Your Skin Happy

In the pursuit of healthier living, many have made the switch to natural deodorants. While these alternatives boast numerous benefits, some users find themselves facing an unexpected challenge: skin irritation. In this blog post, we'll unravel the mystery behind why natural deodorants can cause rashes and, more importantly, share tips on how to sidestep this uncomfortable pitfall.

The Natural Conundrum: Why Do Some Get Rashes?

  1. Ingredient Sensitivity: Natural deodorants often contain powerful botanicals like baking soda or essential oils. While these ingredients are celebrated for their efficacy, some individuals may be sensitive to them, leading to skin irritation. Gentle Moose Natural Deodorant only has 8, 100% natural ingredients. Simple and pure. Our deodorants are fragrance oil free, aluminum / baking soda free and palm oil free. We only use pure essential oils for all of our scents which are the best thing you can use but, users can still experience reactions to essential oils so it's important to research the different essential oils for their reactive properties. For example, many essential oils can be unsafe for pregnant women. For them, we suggest our unscented version with no essential oils in it at all.
  2. Detox Period: Transitioning from conventional to natural deodorants can trigger a temporary detox period. As your body adjusts to the new formula, you might experience irritation. Discover how to navigate this phase without compromising comfort.

    Avoiding the Rash: Tips for Happy Armpits
  1. Patch Testing: Before committing to a new natural deodorant, perform a patch test. Apply a small amount to a discreet area to gauge your skin's reaction. It's a simple step that can prevent major discomfort later.
  2. Choose Our Baking Soda-Free Formula: Baking soda is a common culprit for skin sensitivity and that's why, 2 years ago, we stopped using it in our natural deodorant, that we hand pour in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. We excluded baking soda and then added in some magnesium as well some additional natural powders, so our baking soda free deodorant would still deliver effective odor protection. (you can see our complete ingredient list online for every product we make, in the drop down menu under the "add to cart" button)

    Hydration is Key: Drink lots of water! Well-moisturized skin is less prone to irritation. Learn about hydrating ingredients to look for in natural deodorants and how to maintain optimal skin health.

    Gradual Transition: Don't rush the switch! Gradually introduce natural deodorants into your routine to allow your skin time to adapt. Discover how a slow transition can make all the difference.

  3. Conclusion: Happy Armpits, Happy You

Navigating the world of natural deodorants doesn't have to be a bumpy ride. By understanding why some experience rashes and implementing simple strategies, you can enjoy the benefits of natural deodorants without compromising on skin comfort. Embrace the natural goodness and keep your armpits smiling!

Ready to make the switch without the itch? Explore our selection of gentle, rash-free natural deodorants. Your skin deserves it! 🌿🌸 #NaturalDeodorant #SkinHealth #HappyArmpits #aluminumfree #bakingsodafree

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