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At Gentle Moose, we strive to provide our cherished patrons with the epitome of unblemished, untainted natural skincare. Our noble purpose is to welcome you and your beloved kin into a world of natural skincare that prides itself on utilizing solely natural ingredients, devoid of any fragrance oils or synthetic enhancements, all the while remaining steadfastly opposed to animal cruelty.

Partake in our bountiful array of pure and immaculate natural products, not only for the betterment of your own well-being, but also for the preservation of our precious Earth. Embark on this illustrious journey with our esteemed skincare family today!

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  • Natural ingredients that work.

    We care about our planet & source all of our 100% pure ingredients ethically & responsibly.

  • Less Ingredients

    We make our skincare with the least amount of ingredients because what goes on your body, goes in your body.

  • 98% Plastic Free

    Less waste?? YES PLEASE! We have reduced the use of plastic as much as possible & are always striving to be better!

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    We ship your magnificent skincare within 24 hours! $10 flat fee or free shipping over $95 CA / $120 USA

Gentle Moose Natural Skincare Aluminum and Baking Soda Free Deodorant Sweet Orange Patchouli


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I have been using Gentle Moose products since they started in 2014 and they have gotten even better! My husband and daughter are now using their deodorant. I buy the 6-Pack. Great value! My husband has always had trouble with rashes under his arms with deodorant. I don’t know how many “Unatural” and “Ucommercial” ones he has tried. This is the ONLY one that DOESN'T cause any problems. Root Beer is my personal favourite!! Love these!

Un-Stink My Pits!
Gentle Moose Natural Skincare Nurturing Face Oil made in Canada


It's time to put that face cream down! Our Nurturing Face Oil will absolutely transform your skin without all the additives or preservatives. We select optimal, high quality oils for dexotification, softness and rejuvination.

Beautify Your Face
Gentle Moose Natural Skincare Hand Lotion Cream made in Canada


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I love this nourishing & fragrant cream. No residue left on the skin, it soaks right in leaving your skin soft & sweet smelling. None of the scents from Gentle Moose are overpowering: the balance & blends are perfect & original."

~ Siobhan T.

Hand & Body Goodness!