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Our environmentally-friendly products promote skin health while also ensuring the safety of wildlife and our oceans. We prioritize cruelty-free and clean formulations. Make the sustainable choice today!

Gentle Moose Skincare Beard Balm made in Canada

Get your man smelling delicious.

We have many natural skincare products for men. Our aluminum and baking soda free Lumberjack Deodorant was made especially for men. We also have natural African Black Soap which is great for your face as well as an awesome bar for cleaning greasy hands! We also have Shampoo Bars, Beard or Shave Oil, Beard Balm and much more! Proudly made in Canada!

Man Stuff


Our epic Beard Oil is like a superhero with a secret identity as an awesome shaving oil! Not only does it give you an unbeatable smoothness without any of those gross toxic ingredients you'd find in mainstream brands, but it also treats your skin to some serious TLC. Say hello to softer and more youthful-looking skin! Go on, give it a whirl!