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Women's-Packs (Save 15%)

Women's-Packs (Save 15%)

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Get ready to glow with our women's skincare packages! Pamper yourself with Gentle Moose products that make your skin feel as good as it looks. Our 4 different packages have a little something for everyone, and everything you need to get started on your natural skincare journey.

Included in the "Clean Start" Package:

1 Hand & Body Lotion | 1 All Natural Deodorant | 1 Natural Soap | 1 Lip Balm

Included in the "Self Care" Package: (free shipping)

1 Bath Salts | 1 Body Butter | 1 Body Polish | 1 Natural Deodorant | 1 Natural Soap | 1 Cuticle Oil | 1 Lip Balm

Included in the "Back To Basics" package: (free shipping)

1 Nurturing Face Oil | 1 Cleansing Oil | 1 Natural Deodorant | 2 Natural Soaps | | 1 Cuticle Oil | 1 Shampoo Bar | Lip Balm

Included in "Ultimate" package: (free shipping)

2 All Natural Deodorants | 2 Natural Soaps | 1 Hand Lotion 1 Bath
Salts | 1 Body Butter | 1 Body Polish | 1 Nurturing Face Oil | 1
Cleansing Oil | 1 Cuticle Oil |1 Shampoo Bar | Lip Balm

~NOTE: to choose your scents, use the "Notes" section when you are checking out. Please give us at least 4 scent options of each soap, lip balm & deodorant. Use your first 2 as your preferred scents and the last 2 as your alternatives. Or say "Choose for me!" ;-)

*Please check these products individually for more detailed information and their ingredients. 


Please check individual products for ingredients.

I tried no fewer than 3 other aluminum free deodorants before Gentle Moose and not one of them worked for me. In fact, most of them actually made me smell worse by the end of the day than I would with no deodorant at all. I had been losing hope, thinking that I would need to either wear unhealthy antiperspirants or continue to be 'that smelly girl' around coworkers and friends. So I was thrilled to discover that Gentle Moose actually works for me and keeps me smelling good all day. Super impressed and thankful for this product!


Always hand crafted in Canada

Vancouver, British Columbia

Nurturing Face Oil

This is the pinacle of facial nourishing! Once you try this, you will never go back to cream.

Get Soft Skin