Canadian-made, Natural Soap

Our mind-blowing Natural Soap will dazzle your senses with our collection of 15 one-of-a-kind essential oil scents! No synthetic fragrances, no harmful additives - just pure, natural goodness. It's the best thing since sliced bread! Embrace the eco-friendly lifestyle today!

Gentle Moose Man Pack XL Natural Skincare Made In Canada


If you're a bearded dude looking to pamper your skin naturally, this kit is the bomb! It'll kickstart your journey to detoxify and embrace the green lifestyle all while saving you 15%. And hey, we've got a mini version for the non-bearded lads too. :-)

Gentle Moose Natural Skincare Womens Self Care Package

Women's "Self Care" Pack

Get ready to glow with our women's skincare packages! Pamper yourself with products that make your skin feel as good as it looks. A little something for everyone and everything you need to get started on your natural journey.

Self Care