Will face oil leave your skin feeling oily?

Will face oil leave your skin feeling oily?

The short answer is, NO! It does not add oil to an already oily face, especially if you use our natural cleansing oil first.

The human body is an incredible mechanism.  Our skin produces oil to keep things in balance.  A face that feels oily is is overreacting to being deprived, just like your body does when you are thirsty and you hang on to water, leaving you feeling puffy.  If you feed your largest organ the moisture and healthy natural oils that it craves, it won't try to compensate by producing excess.

Having said that, it will take a bit of time for your face to adjust to you not using stripping cleansers like soap with phaltates and sulfates in it, drying your face of all it's natural oils. During the transition your face may seem a little oilier in the beginning, but it will adjust quickly. Your skin will start to become softer, smoother and you could even notice a reduction of fine lines. With your skins healthy oil in balance, many  problems like acne and eczema should start to improve.

All in all, you are giving your face the chance to be the healthiest in can be by using a natural product. Our Nurturing Face Oil is full of anti-oxidant enriched oils, such as pomegranate, rose hip and argan.  We add just  a touch of an essential oil blend which includes the anti-aging combo of Myrrh and Frankincense and the soothing qualities of Chamomile. Its just enough to work its magic, but we don't want a harsh scent of essential oils in our nurturing face oil. It should be subtle and clean. Just like you.


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